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Deborah McGuinness

Deborah McGuinness

Tetherless World Senior Constellation Chair

Ontologies, Semantic Web, Linked Open Data, Semantic eScience, Health and Life Science Informatics, Environmental Informatics

Deborah McGuinness is the Tetherless World Senior Constellation Chair and Professor of Computer, Cognitive, and Web Sciences at RPI. She is also the founding director of the Web Science Research Center at Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute. Deborah has been recognized with awards as a fellow of the AAAS for contributions to the Semantic Web, knowledge representation, and reasoning environments and as the recipient of the Robert Engelmore award from AAAI for leadership in Semantic Web research and in bridging Artificial Intelligence (AI) and eScience, significant contributions to deployed AI applications, and extensive service to the AI community. Deborah is a leading authority on the semantic web and has been working in knowledge representation and reasoning environments for over 25 years. Deborah's primary research thrusts include work on ontologies,  semantic environments, eScience, open data, semantically-enabled schema and data integration, explanation and trust.  She has worked in a wide range of application areas with more concentration in health, life science, and environmental informatics. Prior to joining RPI, Deborah was the acting director of the Knowledge Systems, Artificial Intelligence Laboratory and Senior Research Scientist in the Computer Science Department of Stanford University, and previous to that she was a researcher at AT&T Bell Laboratories.


Deborah received her Bachelors degree in Math and Computer Science from Duke University, her Masters degree in Computer Science from University of California at Berkeley, and her Ph.D. in Computer Science from Rutgers University.