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The chart below gives you a snapshot of our resident faculty disciplines. Plus, we have many visiting scholars, and an army of students, all contributing to the robust research and training environment you'll find here at the CBIS.

Number of Faculty

  • Biology (18)
  • Biomedical Engineering (14)
  • Chemical & Biological Engineering (13)
  • Chemistry & Chemical Biology (8)
  • Civil Engineering (2)
  • Computer Science (3)
  • Materials Science & Engineering (4)
  • Mathematical Sciences (6)
  • Mechanical, Aero. & Nuclear Engineering (1)
  • Physics (2)
  • Other (5)


Interdisciplinary projects

As a place where students and faculty engage in research at the intersection of technology and the life sciences, engineering sciences, and technology development, the CBIS opens new pathways to innovation, discovery, and ultimately, to commercial application.

CBIS’s research projects build upon existing core strengths in:

  • biocatalysis and bioprocessing
  • advanced materials and nanotechnology
  • microscale systems
  • advanced scientific computation, modeling, and simulation.

Big enough for world-class research, small enough for meaningful collaboration.

Ranked among the world’s most advanced research facilities, Rensselaer’s Center for Biotechnology and Interdisciplinary Studies provides the university with a state-of-the-art location to conduct interdisciplinary research and host world-class programs and symposia.

The complex comprises 218,000 square feet, making it the third largest academic and research structure on the Rensselaer campus. Situated on 15th Street, the building offers ample space for about 500 faculty and staff members and graduate students, including:

number of awards won for architectural excellence in design by the architects Bohlin Cywinski Jackson/Burt Hill
8 Research Core Facilities
number of faculty residing in the building
seating capacity of the auditorium
year the center was built
square feet auditorium and gallery space
5,830 square feet of seminar space
square footage of support labs
square footage of core facilities
square footage of open research labs
31,775 square feet of office space
square feet in the Center
cost of construction in US dollars