Ganapathiraman Ramanath
Professor of Materials Science and Engineering

Telephone: 518-276-6844

Information: Ramanath’s current research interests are in the areas of synthesis, assembly, and characterization of nanostructures and thin films, with emphasis on exploring new materials and architectures for fabricating future nanodevices for computing, energy generation, and understanding the relationships between atomic-level structure and chemistry, and properties. His group synergistically combines multiple processing approaches (e.g., CVD, PVD, self-assembly, ion bombardment) for thin film/nanostructure synthesis , and exploits multiple microanalysis techniques (electron microscopy, diffraction, electron, light and ion beam spectroscopies), electrical (I-V, C-V, TVS, etc.) and mechanical testing (4-point bending, nanoindentation). to capture key features of atomistic/molecular-level phenomena.