Zeiss LSM 510Meta/Multiphoton NLO PDF Print

zeiss_lsm_510nloThe Zeiss LSM NLO multiphoton microscope is equipped with a 25mW Argon laser (458, 477, 488, & 514nm), a 1mW green (543nm) and a 5mW red (633nm) HeNe laser, and a Ti;sapphire laser (Coherent Chameleon) tunable between 720-950nm.

The multiphoton is ideal for imaging very thick fluorescently labeled specimens with less photobleaching and attenuation than conventional confocal. Many live specimens can be imaged without causing damage.

In addition, the multiphoton is configured for second harmonic generation and confocal reflectance.

Rates and Fees

Rates are valid through June 30, 2013 and are subject to change without further notice.

Internal Users:
$118/hr if full assistance is needed
$60/hr training

External Non-Profit Users:
$189/hr if full assistance is needed
$96/hr training

External Industry Users:
$378/hr if full assistance is needed
$192/hr training

If using the confocal capability ONLY, the rate will be the same as for the Zeiss Confocal.
We are offering a "night-flat rate" of $150 (Internal) for the time between 10 p.m. until 9 a.m. (11 hours).  (This rate for NFP = $240 and for Industry = $480).  This block of time is only for those experiments in which long acquisition times are needed in order to improve the quality of the data.


LSM Image Browser: allows you to view your images in the comfort of your own home

Fluorescence dyes, filters, and objectives