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We are pleased to announce the awardees of the inaugural Rensselaer-­‐Icahn School of Medicine at Mount Sinai seed funding program to advance collaborative science between the two institutions. These projects were selected from among 29 excellent applications. The remarkably enthusiastic response reflects a strong mutual interest in aligning the strengths of each institution to advance discovery and innovation in biomedical sciences and engineering. These projects underscore the value of cross-­‐disciplinary teams in translating our science into new technologies.

We congratulate the awardees and all the applicants for embracing this opportunity, and look forward to learning of the new advances the projects generate.

Awardees (Rensselaer PI listed first):

1. Effects of Retrotransposons on genome stability and consequence for the biology of aging and cancer (P. Maxwell & M. O’Connor)
2. In situ generation of tissue-­‐engineered vascular conduits using PDGFRα+ vascular progenitor cells (M. Hahn & J. Kovacic)
3. Inhibiting hepatitis C virus with high affinity single-­‐domain antibodies (P. Tessier & M. Evans)
4. Proteoglycan metabolism and painful intervertebral disc degeneration (R. Linhardt & J. Iatridis)
5. Toward a Universal Influenza Virus Vaccine: Development of Nanoscale Constructs that Elicit Broadly Neutralizing Antibodies (R. Kane & P. Palese)
6. Continuous Monitoring of Compartmental Pressures for Objective Diagnosis of Compartment Syndrome (E. Ledet, K. Connor & D. Forsh, J. Gladstone)
7. Inducing Targeted Mutations in Cells in the Brain In Vivo (can Dopamine Transporter be modified to resist drug abuse) (S. Kotha & E. Nestler)
8. ReDrugS: Repurposing Drugs using Semantics (D. McGuinness & J. Dudley)

The Rensselaer-­‐Icahn School of Medicine at Mount Sinai Joint Steering Committee
Rensselaer: Jonathan Dordick, Wolf van Maltzahn, Deepak Vashishth
Mount Sinai: Geoffrey Smith, John Morrison, Scott Friedman