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Pharmacologic and Non-pharmacologic interventions for Alzheimer’s disease and neurodegenerative disease

B. Barquera (BS), G. Belfort (CBE), J. Dordick (CBE), M. Figueiro (Arch), R. Gilbert (BME), J. Hurley (BS), R. Linhardt (CCB), N. Nadarajah (Arch), M. Rea (Arch), D. Thompson (BME)

Biomarkers and imaging

W. Colón (CCB), J. Hahn (BME), P. Karande (CBE), D. McGuinness (CS), G. Wang (BME), X. Wang (CCB)

Structural biology of protein folding / tau

G. Belfort (CBE), S. Forth (BS), R. Linhardt (CCB), G. Makhatadze (BS), C. Wang (BS)

Arch = Architecture; BME = Biomedical Engineering; BS = Biological Sciences; CBE = Chemical and Biological Engineering; CCB = Chemistry and Chemical Biology; CS = Computer