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Printer Pins, Access, and Lab Coat Requests

The Center for Biotechnology and Interdisciplinary Studies (CBIS) has the ability for requests to be made online for key requests, lab coat ordering, printer installation, and printer pin request. The online form allows you to complete your requests online which CBIS Administration receives and completes. Lab coats are available in the following sizes:  XSmall 34, Small 36, Small 38, Medium 40, Medium 42, Large 44, Large 46, XLarge 48, XLarge 50, XXLarge 52, XXLarge 54, XXXLarge 56, XXXLarge 58, and XXXXLarge 60.  The Building Access Authorization Form is also available for download in pdf format. Once the Access Form is filled out by the requester and approved by the Faculty member or Core Director, it should then be turned into CBIS Administration for approval and completion.

Biotech Building Access Authorization Form (PDF)

Printer /Key/ Lab Coat Request Form