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Conference Room Reservations

The Center for Biotechnology and Interdisciplinary Studies is proud to offer several rooms available for presentations, lectures, gatherings, conferences or meetings. Each room has its own unique look and offers capabilities as to best fit the needs of its function.

Reservations depend on availability of the date & time desired, as well as approval by CBIS Administration. Please visit the CBIS Schedule ( to confirm availability prior to completing a room reservation form.  When making a reservation please include time for setup and breakdown.  If possible, at least 24 hour notice is preferred. If you need to cancel a reservation, contact CBIS Administration at
  • Audio and video capabilities are available upon request. If assistance with audio-visual presentation is desired, please contact campus Media Operations (ext. 8282) or online at
  • Catering is available upon request. All catering requests must go through Hospitality Services directly at
  • Alcohol permit must be obtained separately from the Health Center if any alcoholic beverages are to be served.
  • Upon completion of room use, the requestor is responsible & liable for the proper shut down of equipment and room lights.

CBIS Rooms

Auditorium, located on the 1st floor, next to the building entrance near the Science Center, is available for presentations, lectures or meetings. The Auditorium is 2780 square ft. and holds a capacity of 153 people. Food and beverages may be served in the Gallery area outside of the Auditorium, however, food and beverages are not permitted inside the auditorium at any time.

auditorium  auditorium1

Bruggeman Conference Center offers a spacious area of 1150 square ft. which holds a capacity of 72 people. Food and beverages may be served in the Bruggeman or outside in the lobby area, setup arrangements are made to the requestor’s specifications. The Bruggeman Room is located on the 2nd floor next to building entrance on the Academy Hall side.

bruggeman  bruggeman1_web

Oxbridge Rooms are available, each with a built-in projector system, if needed. There are three (3) Oxbridge rooms available. The 2nd floor Oxbridge Room is 350 square ft. and holds a capacity of 12 people. The 3rd floor Oxbridge Room is 448 square ft. and holds a capacity of 14 people.  The 4th Floor Oxbridge Room is 492 square ft. and holds a capacity of 16 people.

oxbridge room  oxbridge

Biotech Terrace is located off the 2nd floor Oxbridge Room.  Reservations depend on availability of the date and time desired and approval by CBIS Administration.

biotech terrace  terrace

Open Window Conference Room is also available, located on the 3rd floor. The room holds a capacity of 14 people and is 395 square ft.

fishbowl  fishbowl 1

Breakout Rooms are available, one on the 3rd floor with a capacity of 6 people at 179 square ft. The second on the 4th floor with a capacity of also 6 people at 172 square ft.

breakout 4th  breakout 3rd