CBIS Facilities


The Microbiology Research Core at Rensselaer can facilitate bacterial growth, harvesting,
and processing on a small, medium and large scale.

Contact Information: 

Dr. Joel Morgan


• Three New Brunswick Bio-Flow Fermentors (two 30 L and one 15 L, working volume).
• Cepa Z41 Continuous Flow Centrifuge
• Incubators and Shakers
• High Speed/High-Capacity Centrifuges
• Ultracentrifuges

•Centrifuge with elutriator

• French Press
• Microfluidizer
• Sonicator
• Klett for measuring DNA concentrations in cell cultures.
• Nanodrop for measuring absorbances

Policy for Use: 

We are equipped for bacterial growth with a Biosafety Level #2. Prior to have access to the equipment, users must present official documentation of the material they would like to grow and discuss with the Core Director any possible pathogenic/safety issues.

Access to the Facility and Equipment
Access to all equipment must be approved by the core director. Approved users will have their ID cards activated to access the room(s). 

All users must receive proper training before being permitted access to the equipment. Training is provided by the core director. 

Advance reservation using scheduling book is required.

Cancellation at least 48 hours prior to the experiment is required. Users failing to do this will be charged (at the hourly rate) for the booked time. 

Cleaning Up
Users are responsible for keeping the equipment and equipment areas safe and very clean. Failing to maintain this policy will result in loss of use privileges.  

Users will be required to provide billing information prior to requesting equipment time.

Users with multiple billing accounts should specify the account number to be charged upon sign-up. Both internal and external users will be billed on a monthly basis. Providing fraudulent and/or inaccurate billing information may result in the loss of use privileges.