Research at CBIS


A stellar transdisciplinary team is developing new innovations in integrated x-ray computed tomography and magnetic resonance imaging (CT/MRI), optical molecular tomography, multimodality, and other unconventional biomedical imaging technology from molecular to whole body scans. Learn more.


Angel Garcia

Professor of Physics and Senior Constellation Professor in Biocomputation and Bioinformatics

Biological, Dynamics, Molecules, Physics, Structure, Theoretical
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George I. Makhatadze

Constellation Chair

bioinformatics, protein dynamics, protein folding, protein aggregation
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Catherine Royer

Constellation Chair

pressure effects on biomolecules, protein folding, protein interaction networks, live cell quantitative fluorescence imaging, transcription regulation
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Ge Wang

Clark and Crossan Endowed Chair Professor

X-ray computed tomography, Optical molecular tomography, Magnetic resonance imaging, Multimodality imaging, Machine learning
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