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Human Health and Bacterial Communities

Microbiome, the communities of microorganisms, that coexist with human and other complex biological systems directly impact human health and well-being. CBIS scientists, engineers, and architects, spanning multiple departments, work on both fundamental and applied aspects of microbial consortia in the context of human health and built environment.


Blanca L. Barquera

bacterial metabolism, bioenergetics and membrane proteins, mechanistic enzymology, gut microbiota, microbial physiology
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Cynthia H. Collins

Associate Professor

Synthetic Biology, Biochemical Engineering, Microbial Communities, Human Microbiome, Protein Engineering, Directed Evolution, Biofilms
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Anna Dyson

Associate Professor and Director, Center for Architecture Science and Ecology

Building Architecture & Design, Built Ecologies, Building Energy Generation
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Catherine Royer

Constellation Chair

pressure effects on biomolecules, protein folding, protein interaction networks, live cell quantitative fluorescence imaging, transcription regulation
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