Research at CBIS


Injuries and diseases of the nervous system affect human health and quality of life. Using a variety of cell biology and engineering tools in combination with advance imaging and mathematical modeling CBIS researchers are developing new fundamental understanding and intervention strategies for neurodegenerative conditions and injuries of the central and peripheral nervous systems.


Lee Ligon

Associate Dean of Science for Academic Affairs

Cell Biology, Neurosocience
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Wilfredo Colón

Professor, Department Head

• biological roles of degradation-resistant proteins, • degradation-resistant proteins in amyloid diseases, • development and application of methods for the proteomics-level identification of hyper-stable proteins
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Ge Wang

Clark and Crossan Endowed Chair Professor

X-ray computed tomography, Optical molecular tomography, Magnetic resonance imaging, Multimodality imaging, Machine learning
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Pankaj Karande

Associate Professor

Drug discovery, Drug delivery, Peptide engineering, High throughput screening, Vaccine design, Biomaterials design
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Georges Belfort

Institute Professor of Chemical and Biological Engineering, Member, National Academy of Engineering

Membrane separation processes, Transport phenomena, Interfacial phenomena and rheology, Bioseparations and sensors, Protein misfolding and aggregation, Intein technology
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