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Arch Research Training Program Summer 2021

The CBIS Research Training Program has been developed to address the growing need of skilled researchers in industry, government and academia. Training students in our Core facilities on proper research techniques and the use of state-of-the-art research equipment, from basic to advanced, will provide them with a unique skill set and a competitive advantage among their peers as they pursue co-ops, internships, research opportunities or prepare for graduate school. Through a preparatory set of online learning modules followed by six weeks of "hands-on" learning experiences with core facility directors and fellow students, participants will be trained in very diverse areas important to careers in biotechnology and biomedical fields:

Research Training Program Adapts to COVID-19: The institute decision to move to online instruction for summer 2020 has provided us with a unique challenge of delivering a "hands-on" experience remotely.  We have developed a plan to deliver an optimal learning experience using as many mechanisms as possible to ensure career-relevant training in an exciting online environment. While it might not be the same experience as it would be on campus, we are confident in it's value and are dedicated to the success of the program. 
Preparatory Online Modules: 2 weeks prior to the beginning of the summer semester, participants will gain access to electronic material to review prior to the start of the summer semester.  This pre-session overview of key concepts will provide a basis for the “hands-on” sessions. Students will need at least 20 hours to complete the online material.
Sessions: Students participate in 2 hour sessions 3 times per week, 3 sessions per research area.  Small class sizes offer greater accessibility to the instructors. Each session is available on multiple days to provide maximum flexibility.
Schedule: As shown in the Arch Schedule, students will spend a total of 36 hours on the hands-on portion of the program.  Optional instructor office hours and special events will be added.
Specialization Week: An optional seventh week will be offered once you have completed the first five weeks of the program.  This additional week will be for those students that would like to gain a more in depth understanding in any of the five core fields (Stem Cell Biology will not be offered during week 7). You will need to notify the program administrator in week six if you wish to add this specialization week so you can work out the specifics of that additional learning opportunity.


Marimar Lopez, Director Research Cores
CBIS Arch Program Coordinator
Email: lopezm4@rpi.edu

Kristen Bryk
Administrative Coordinator
Email: brykk@rpi.edu