CBIS Students

Stem Cell Biology

Mammalian Cell-Based Assays and High-Content Analysis

Introduction to mammalian stem cells and cell-based assays, high-content microscopy, and aseptic conditions needed to utilize these technologies in research areas such as regenerative medicine and infectious diseases. Topics to be covered include aseptic laboratory operations and environmental controls, brightfield and fluorescence microscopy, assay development for automated microscopy, algorithm-based multi-parametric image analysis, and data processing with R statistical software. Discussion of similarities and differences with flow cytometry, a complementary high-content technology.


  • Aseptic conditions, cell selection, assay development

  • Fluorescence microscopy, high-content screening

  • Image analysis and data processing



Brigitte L. Arduini, Ph.D.
Director, Stem Cell Research Core
Center for Biotechnology & Interdisciplinary Studies
WEB http://stemcells.rpi.edu/