Courses in Core Areas of Biomolecular Science and Engineering

Synthetic Biology
Advanced Cell Biology
Introduction to Cell and Tissue Engineering
Gene and Drug Delivery
Cell Biomechanics
Chromatographic Separation Processes
Biochemical Engineering
Advanced Membrane Concepts
Biochemical Engineering
Advanced Biochemical Engineering
Biomolecular Engineering
Downstream Processing in Biochemical Engineering
Mathematics in Medicine and Biology

Biomolecular Systems
Protein Hyperstability in Biology and Diseases
Protein Structure Determination

Readings in Biochemistry/Biophysics

Biochemistry Laboratory
Molecular Biochemistry I
Molecular Biochemistry II
Computational Chemistry
Advanced Topics in Nuclear Magnetic Resonance
Medicinal Chemistry
Bioorganic Mechanisms
Advanced Analytical Chemistry

Molecular Biology and Bioinformatics
Genetic Engineering
Molecular Genetics
Bioinformatics I
Bioinformatics II
Molecular Biology
Molecular Biology II
Molecular Biology Laboratory
Advanced Molecular Biology

Data Science/Data Analytics
Data Min
Data Science
Data Analytics

Mathin Medicine and Biology