New Publication & Front Cover in JACS by Professor Gross & Team

JACS Au  2023, 3, 12, 3345-3365

Fei Liu, Alexander I. Greenwood, Yawei Xiong, Rebecca T. Miceli, Riqiang Fu, Kyle W. Anderson, Scott A. McCallum, Mihaela Mihailescu, Richard Gross*, and Myriam L. Cotten*. JACS Au  2023, 3, 12, 3345-3365 

About the Cover:

A bacterium is shattered by the helical antimicrobial peptide piscidin following high payload delivery by glycolipid micelles. The glycolipid features high biocompatibility and low production cost. Its synergistic effect with the peptide potentiates a promising therapeutic window that could be leveraged to fight drug resistance and save human lives. 

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