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Elizabeth Blaber Awarded NASA Space Biology Grant to Participate on the BionM2 Spaceflight Mission

Elizabeth Blaber

Elizabeth Blaber, Assistant Professor in Biomedical Engineering, is among nine grant recipients to participate on the BionM2 spaceflight mission with RosCosmos.

NASA's announcement reads: "NASA has selected nine grant proposals for space biology research experiments, the results of which will contribute to the understanding of health risks humans will experience in deep space, including exploration at the Moon through the Artemis program and future missions to Mars. Selected investigators will have an opportunity to conduct rodent experiments to be flown on a biosatellite mission, known as Bion-M2, with the Russian space agency Roscosmos."

Dr. Blaber was selected for her proposal "Single cell analysis of bone marrow progenitor and differentiated progeny populations in response to long-duration spaceflight."

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