Additional Giving Options: Leaving Your Legacy

Endowed Scholarships

Scholarships are meaningful gifts that not only make an immediate impact on the recipient's education but also establish a lasting relationship between the student and society.

A named scholarship can be established with a minimum gift of $250,000, payable over one to five years. The scholarship may be named as the donor appropriately desires, and recipients will carry that name for the duration of their award.

Endowed Fellowships

Endowed fellowships are critical to the advancement of CBIS, providing support to recruit and retain high-potential graduate students through financial resources that enable them to focus on coursework and research. They also provide tuition and stipends for graduate students who would otherwise be required to teach to pay tuition expenses.

A named endowed fellowship can be established with a minimum gift of $400,000. A fellowship may be named as the donor desires, and recipients will carry that name through graduation. While unrestricted fellowships are preferred and offer the greatest flexibility to the School, a donor may specify certain preferences for selected award criteria.

Endowed Professorships

Reserved for a scholar of national and international acclaim, an endowed professorship is one of the highest honors the School can bestow on a member of its faculty. These professorships play a critical role in attracting and retaining proven thought leaders who can drive the Rensselaer mission and high standard for excellence. An investment in the recruitment and retention of biotechnology faculty will contribute to the strength of CBIS by rewarding outstanding faculty members for their accomplishments and providing a flexible means of attracting leading talent to strengthen particular disciplines.

A gift of $1.5 million for a junior faculty or $3 million for a senior faculty, payable over one to five years, will name and endow a professorship.

For more information or questions on endowment of scholarships, fellowships, or professorships within CBIS, please contact Institute Advancement at


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