Research Priorities

The Shirley Ann Jackson, Ph.D. Center for Biotechnology and Interdisciplinary Studies (CBIS) is the foundational platform for Biotechnology and Life Sciences research at Rensselaer. Our expanding portfolio includes foundational and applied research interweaving life sciences, engineering, and physical, computational, and social sciences to solve global challenges in six research areas.

Gloved hand holding a petri dish with blue and yellow cells

Disease and Disease Mitigation

CBIS continues to build on almost two decades of basic and applied research in viruses, cancer, osteoporosis and osteoarthritis, diabetes, regenerative medicine, and sleep disturbances.

Colorized image of a molecule

Advanced Manufacturing

Advanced Manufacturing includes our world-famous Heparin Center, our biological 3D printing technology, and our work in next-generation biologic manufacturing and workforce readiness.

Abstract illustration of cells and biological chain

Creating Advanced Materials

Working at the molecular level to understand fundamental molecular structures, CBIS researchers are looking at ways to revolutionize the way we produce and use materials with minimal environmental impact.

Sugarcane field at sunset

Energy, Water, Food Access

As rapid population growth and changing climate conditions put pressure on these critical resources, finding new ways to protect and increase access to energy and to healthy food and water.

Environmental technology concept. Sustainable development goals.

Infrastructure, Sustainability, Resilience

This research area is an expansive exploration into ideas for building more resilience into important human infrastructures, from power grids to financial and economic systems, from materials to how we manufacture, store, and transport them.

Female doctor examining patient's chest X-ray at the hospital

Science, Technology, and Society

Stellar teams in bioimaging and bioprocessing continue to set the pace for unconventional biomedical imaging technology. Advances are made every day in how technology can be applied to pressing human challenges.

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