K-12 Research Introduction

Professor working with a student using a microscope

Every year, CBIS invites high school classrooms to visit our facility for lectures and in-laboratory experiences. Our faculty, post-docs and current students explain what brought them into the field and what opportunities they are pursuing and why.

They learn some basics about how to do research in our labs on an informal basis. We have created a formal outreach program that hosts high schools students during the school year and over the summer. Our goal is to interest more young people, including those in underserved populations, women, and those with physical or mental disabilities, to pursue careers in science and engineering. These eye-opening experiences encourage high school students to work with their teachers and faculty advisors to pursue the coursework they need to apply for entry to our technical undergraduate programs in science, engineering, or the physical sciences.

One of our local all-women high schools, Emma Willard, has sent students year after year. Said Anne Mossop, EWS Director of Practicum/Independent Study:

“The CBIS science internship program allows Emma Willard students to see how science is truly done by experts in their fields. They have the opportunity to apply what they learn in the classroom to real world activities, making science tangible and significant. They learn important scientific techniques by using cutting edge technology. They develop valuable relationships with professionals and other science students. Most importantly, they have a chance to explore their passions along with like-minded people. It is a wonderful program that benefits both institutions.”

Interested schools/students should contact the Director of CBIS, Deepak Vashishth at vashid@rpi.edu.


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