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Dr. Damien Hall to speak at Frontiers of Alzheimer's Disease Research Seminar Series

Sponsored by CBIS and the NIH Training Program in Alzheimer’s Disease Clinical and Translational Research
Damien Hall, Ph.D.
Senior Research Fellow
Leader- Physical Biochemistry of Disease
Research School of Chemistry
Australian National University
“Physical Biochemistry of Amyloidosis Disease”
Dr. Hall's research program involves the application of physical chemistry / biophysics type theoretical and experimental approaches to the study of three disease states (i) cancer, (ii) virus infection, and (iii) amyloidosis proteopathies. This talk will provide an introductory survey of these three areas before focusing on recent research progress related to the amyloidosis diseases. Various biophysical aspects, including disease modelling, amyloid metrology and statistical analysis of amyloid assays, will be discussed.
Thursday, August 2, 2018
11:00 AM-12:00 PM
CBIS- Bruggeman Room
Refreshments at 10:45 AM