Industry Partnerships

Companies looking for solutions to cutting-edge biotechnology problems are joining with CBIS, which offers one of the most advanced biotechnology research facilities in the nation. Our collaborative focus on innovation and discovery at the interfaces of the life sciences, physical sciences, and engineering — coupled with our diverse research constellations and advanced technological tools — sets us apart.

Why Become an Industry Partner?

The CBIS Industry Partner program enables your enterprise to tap advanced research capabilities to:

  • Solve R&D or product manufacturing challenges
  • Identify enabling technologies to improve operational efficiencies
  • Develop breakthrough technologies and products

By using research resources that most companies cannot afford on their own, CBIS industry partners accelerate time to discovery, trial, and market introduction of critical products, procedures, and services.

From pharma-therapeutics to tissue regeneration, from breakthrough diagnostic technologies to medical devices, CBIS offers industry partners access to knowledge and technology to make truly significant advances.

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