Undergraduate Research

CBIS supports the many outstanding academic programs Rensselaer offers by providing a cross-disciplinary center that encourages interweaving ideas from engineering, computation, architecture, business, and even the humanities.

CBIS Undergraduate Research Program (URP) Fellowships

Opportunities for independent study fellowships are available for students at all levels of undergraduate study at RPI. Up to 20 or more paid fellowships will be available to undergraduates seeking a research experience within the Shirley Ann Jackson, Ph.D. Center for Biotechnology and Interdisciplinary Studies during each fall or spring semester. The funding is supported by way of Institute commitment, CBIS commitment, and PI or department commitment. Any student wishing to receive credit rather than funding is provided funding toward Core Usage.

In contrast to other mechanisms, the CBIS URP initiative is aimed at increasing exposure of students to interdisciplinary research where a match between a student and adviser from different departments is given a priority. It is anticipated that these fellowships will add to and further increase the significant number of undergraduate students working in CBIS laboratories (more than 1000 over the last 10 years). The exposure to research at CBIS continues to be an invaluable experience for our students and, to the extent possible, faculty should encourage and consider participation of undergraduates in conference/peer-reviewed publications.

All interested student(s) to submit the Institute URP application and required documents to Tasha Neaton, CBIS Business Coordinator, Room 2231, (518) 276-4454 at the beginning of each semester. Applications are reviewed by CBIS faculty and staff and the selected students, as well as their advisors, are notified within two business days from the receipt deadline.

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