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Analytical Ultracentrifuge (AUC)

Beckman Proteomelab XL-I

Main Technical Features

  • The Xl-I is equipped with UV/Vis detection system to measure absorbance and with Rayleigh Interference Optics to measure the change in refractive index resulting from changes in sample concentration.
  • Up to 21 different sample/reference pairs can be studied in a single run.
  • The sample can be recovered for additional analysis.


  • Sedimentation Equilibrium experiments are mostly intended to measure molecular weight and intermolecular association constants of the species in solution.
  • Sedimentation Velocity experiments are intended to measure sedimentation coefficients and hydrodynamic parameters of the species in solution.
Rates & Fees: 


Standard and Assisted rates are per day. Training and Personnel Time rates are hourly. All rates are subject to change without further notice.  
Valid through July 31, 2019.

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Standard EQUILIBRIUM $65 $105 $211 $190
Standard VELOCITY $130 $211 $421 $379
Training $62 $100 $201 $181
Personnel Time $52 $84 $158 $152