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10x Genomics Chromium The 10x Genomics Chromium Controller is an advanced automated microfluidics system that partition and barcode input suspensions of single cells or nuclei for single cell gene expression, ATAC and immune profiling studies. Each Chromium chip can process up to eight samples in parallel with 500-10,000 cells per sample. The finished single cell libraries are compatible with Illumina sequencing platforms. Genomics
Agilent 2100 Bioanalyzer The Agilent 2100 Bioanalyzer system is an established automated electrophoresis solution for the quality control of biomolecule samples. The system integrates an instrument, data processing software, reagents, and a microfluidic chip specific for DNA, RNA or protein analysis. Genomics
Agilent 500 MHz Spectrometer (Cogswell) Agilent 500 (11.7 Tesla) 4 channel DDR2 NMR spectrometer with numerous probes including H/F, triple resonance, and broadband tunable capabilities. This instrument is ideal for short duration studies and ‘walk up’ acquisitions where high-sensitivity is not required. Nuclear Magnetic Resonance
Amaxa Nucleofector The Amaxa nucleofector uses a novel non-viral transfection technology to introduce nucleic acids (both DNA and RNA) into stem cells, primary cells, and cell lines that are difficult to transfect. Cell and Molecular Biology
Analytical Ultracentrifuge (AUC) Beckman Proteomelab XL-I. Analytical Ultracentrifuge instrument used in sedimentation equilibrium measurements and sedimentation velocity experiments. Has absorbance and interference optics. Analytical Biochemistry
Atomic Force Microscope - Asylum MFP3D AFM The MFP-3D AFM provides high resolution images, exact force and stiffness measurement in both air and liquid. The MFP-3D AFM is integrated with an inverted optical microscope, supporting optical microscopy techniques including fluorescence microscopy. Microscopy
Bio-Rad CFX qPCR Genomics Core has two Bio-Rad qPCR systems: CFX96 and CFX384. The CFX96 with a 96-well thermal block can detect fluorescent signals in up to five channels, providing high thermal uniformity and accurate quantification for general real-time PCR applications. The CFX384 has a 384-well thermal block detecting fluorescent signals in up to four channels. Genomics
Biorad ChemiDoc XRS+ Imager Used for imaging a varied range of applications including: Western blotting, gel electrophoresis, DNA/RNA gel electrophoresis densitometry, etc. Cell and Molecular Biology
BluePippin DNA size selection system The Sage Science BluePippin system is an automated DNA size selection tool for NGS applications, plus the capability of pulsed-field electrophoresis for resolving and collecting high molecular weight DNA up to 50 kb. Genomics
Bruker 13 cm 7T Horizontal Bore MRI Scanner Bruker AVIII 13cm 7T MRI scanner offers a powerful tool for conducting non-invasive studies including anatomical imaging, diffusion, flow, porosity measurements and more impacting fields such as tissue engineering/regeneration, neuroscience, and transgenic investigations. Various resonator options are available based on sample size and resolution requirements. Bioimaging
Bruker 600 MHz Spectrometer (CBIS) Bruker 600 MHz (14.1 Tesla) 4 AVII channel NMR spectrometer with H/F tunable TCI cryoprobes including and sample changer. This solution NMR system ideal for conducting chemical analysis, structure validation, structure determination, quantitative analysis, diffusion analysis, and characterization of biomolecular dynamics. Nuclear Magnetic Resonance
Bruker 600 MHz Spectrometer (Cogswell) Bruker 600 (14.1 Tesla) 5 channel AVIII NMR spectrometer with 60 position sample changer and 1.7mm microcryoprobe. The 600 MHz NMR standard-bore spectrometer in Cogswell 216 is ideally suited for high-throughput automated sample handing such as in drug screening, protein expression/condition optimization, and metabonomic applications. Nuclear Magnetic Resonance
Bruker 600 MHz Wide-Bore Spectrometer and MRI Scanner Bruker 600 MHz (14.1 Tesla) Wide-Bore 4 channel AVIII solution and solid-state NMR spectrometer and Microimaging MR scanner. Nuclear Magnetic Resonance
Bruker 800 MHz Spectrometer Bruker 800 (18.8 Tesla) 4 channel AVII NMR spectrometer with cryoprobe and sample changer. Nuclear Magnetic Resonance
Bruker Autoflex Speed MALDI TOF/TOF Mass Spectrometer The instrument is used for the determination of molecular weight and sequencing of proteins, individual peptides, peptide mixtures, oligonucleotides, for the characterization of polymers and organometallics. Proteomics
Cell & Tissue Culture Facility Stringent aseptic laboratory conditions for isolation and maintenance of mammalian cell lines, primary cells and tissues, generation of transgenic cell lines, and tissue fabrication. Stem Cell Research
Cell Disruptor, high capacity Microfluidizer Microfluidics Model 110S. Continuous-flow breaking/disruption of cells in larger quantities than the French Pressure Cell. Microbiology and Fermentation
Cellink BioX Bioprinter

Extrusion bioprinter for tissue fabrication research. Allows computer-aided 3D construction of custom constructs with precise patterning.

Stem Cell Research
Circular Dichroism Spectrometer (CD) with Stopped-Flow Mixing Accessory Jasco 815 Circular Dichroism Spectrometer and BioLogic SFM-400 Stopped-Flow Mixing Accessory. Applications include protein/peptide secondary structure, thermal and chemical denaturation, rapid kinetics for protein folding, unfolding and chemical reaction. Analytical Biochemistry
Continuous-Flow Centrifuge for Cell Harvesting, (CEPA Z-41 Carl Padberg) Harvesting of cells grown in fermentors without having to fill bottles. Microbiology and Fermentation
Critical CO2 Freeze Dryer Microelecromechanical systems, TEM and SEM sample. Process up to 5 x 10mm square die or 5 x 1" diameter wafers with every run. Microscopy
Dynamic Light Scattering (DLS) instrument Wyatt DynaPro Titan Batch. Rapid measurement of size and polydispersity of particles suspende/dissolved in liquid. Analytical Biochemistry
Elutriator, Beckman Separates live cells according to their size using a centrifuge rotor. Microbiology and Fermentation
epMotion 5070 Liquid Handling System Programmable robotic liquid dispensing. Automate plate setup for high-content screens, sample collection and other medium-throughput cell-based applications. Stem Cell Research
epMotion 5075 liquid handler The epMotion 5075 system offers fast, accurate and reproducible pipetting automation for diverse liquid handling demands. The 5075 model is equipped with a magnetic plate, a thermo mixer, a thermos block, a vacuum unit, and UV and HEPA filter. The system is used in DNA/RNA extraction, NGS library preparation, immunoassays, PCR plating, plate reformatting and other general pipetting tasks. Genomics
Fermentors/Bioreactors New Brunswick Scientific Bio-Flow 4500, and 5000. Two 30 liter and one 15 liter fermentors are being used at the Microbiology Core Facility, allowing for 45 l of cell culture being grown at the same time. Subsequent continuous-flow centrifuge allows large scale processing with an enormous time saving. Microbiology and Fermentation
Fluorometer with Polarization and Fluorescence Lifetime Flurolog Tau-3 Horiba (originally SPEX) Research Fluorescence Spectrophotometer can measure fluorescence excitation, emission, polarization (anisotropy) and lifetime (frequency domain). Thermoelectric (Peltier) temperature controller. Goniometer stage for solid samples. Analytical Biochemistry
Fourier Transform Infrared (FTIR) Spectrometer and Infrared Microscope Bruker Vertex 70 Fourier Transform Infrared (FTIR) Spectrophotometer paired with Bruker Hyperion Infrared Microscope. Attenuated Total Reflectance (ATR) for solids and liquids, transmittance and reflectance modes in microscope. Analytical Biochemistry
French Pressure Cell Disruptor Purification of proteins and other biological molecules. It uses differences in pressure to disrupt the cell membrane. ​​​​​​​ Used for cell volumes between 5 and 25 ml. Microbiology and Fermentation
Gas Chromatograph-Quadrupole Mass Spectrometer Thermo TRACE 1300 gas chromatograph/ ISQ 7000 mass spectrometer system is ideal for analyses of volatile individual compounds and mixtures by electron ionization, and quantitative analyses. Proteomics
High Pressure Liquid Chromatograph (HPLC) Shimadzu Prominence Series Modular HPLC. Biocompatible flow path, diode array detector, fraction collector. Analytical Biochemistry
Illumina iSeq 100 The iSeq 100 sequencing system is Illumina’s most accessible, cost-effective and rapid benchtop sequencer powered by CMOS technology and SBS chemistry. It generates 1.2 Gb of data per run. Genomics
Illumina NextSeq 550 The NextSeq 550 offers flexible high-throughput sequencing capacity for exome, transcriptome and whole-genome sequencing of all sizes of genomes, as well as the ability to scan microarrays. It generates up to 120 Gb of sequence data overnight and allows a variety of output configurations for optimized target genome coverage. Genomics
Invitrogen Qubit 4 Fluorometer Qubit 4 fluorometer measures very low level of DNA, RNA, and protein concentration using as little as 1 μL of sample. It has higher sensitivity than UV absorbance–based quantification instruments, such as NanoDrop. RNA integrity values can also be quantified for total RNA samples. Genomics
Isothermal Titration Calorimeter MicroCal VP-ITC Isothermal Titration Calorimeter. ITC provides simultaneous determination of all binding parameters (equilibrium constant, enthalpy of binding and stoichiometry of the interaction) in a single experiment - information unobtainable from more limited binding assays. Analytical Biochemistry
Laser Scanning Confocal Microscope - Zeiss LSM 510 META l This LSM510 confocal system is equipped with multiple laser lines ranging from 405nm to 633nm. The system uses a Zeiss inverted microscope stand. It can collect bright field and DIC as well as conventional and confocal fluorescence images. This microscope has the ability to measure in 3 dimensions, with software to automatically handle a series of optical sections in the Z dimension. Microscopy
Leica CM1520 Cryostat The CM1520 from Leica is a cryostat for high quality sectioning of frozen tissues. The displays and instrument controls are easy to operate. This instrument is used to rapidly section frozen tissues such as brain, spleen, kidney, artery wall in thicknesses between 5 – 300 µm. All tissue samples are frozen with O.C.T. embedding medium to provide rigidity and support for sectioning. Microscopy
Leica TCS SP8 STED Microscope The Leica TCS SP8 3X STED offer flexible system solution focused on live cell as well as fixed sample super resolution imaging. The Leica 3D STED instrument achieves resolution below the diffraction limit (50-200nm) in both the lateral, and axial directions. Microscopy
Library Preparation and Bioinformatics Analysis Standard and custom library preparation services are available for diverse short-read and long-read sequencing strategies. Bioinformatics services include established and emerging pipelines for transcriptomic, genomic and epigenomic applications. Genomics
Liquid Chromatograph for Protein Separation (FPLC-type) ACTA prime plus by GE Life Sciences Analytical Biochemistry
Liquid Scintillation and Luminescence Counter (LSC) Perkin Elmer MicroBeta TriLux liquid scintillation counter provides measurement of radioactivity in solution and luminescence in a high-throughput multi-well format. Analytical Biochemistry
LSRII Flow Cytometer Multi-fluorescence cell and particle analyzer. Configured with 405-nm, 488-nm, and 633-nm lasers, the LSRII has the ability to acquire up to 10 colors. The LSR II is also equipped with a plate loader option allowing automated throughput screening from 96 or 384 well plates.  Flow Cytometry
MARS Spectral CT Scanner X-ray CT imaging. A highly novel instrument that generates multi-energy images with high spatial resolution and low noise Bioimaging
Nanodrop UV-vis Spectrophotometer Convenient and rapid UV-vis measurements with small volumes (2 microliters) without cuvettes. Offers rapid and convenient measurements of proteins, DNA, RNA etc Microbiology and Fermentation
Olympus IX-71 Inverted Widefield Fluorescence Microscope for Spatial Genomics and Histology The Olympus IX-71 Widefield microscope is equipped with a motorized Prior stage and a wide range of magnification objectives for large scale imaging experiments in brightfield and fluorescence modes. The system has a Nikon DS-Fi3 camera equipped with CMOS image sensor, which enables the capture of high-definition images of up to 2880 x 2048 pixels. The microscope supports numerous fields, such as spatial genomics, histology full slide scanning, brightfield, phase contrast, and fluorescence. Microscopy
Olympus IX51 Inverted Microscope Live and fixed cell imaging platform with fluorescence and brightfield/phase contrast capabilities. Stem Cell Research
Olympus IX81 inverted fluorescent microscope with AFM integration capability The Olympus IX81 optical inverted microscope can be integrated with the Atomic Force Microscope (AFM) to enable acquisition of data with both techniques simultaneously. It supports a real-time optical navigation. High-quality objectives allow easy viewing of samples, laser alignment, and can be used as a condenser for brightfield or phase contrast illumination on transparent samples. Supports numerous optical techniques such as Brightfield, Phase Contrast, Epifluorescence, Ion Indicators (e.g. Ca2+ response). Microscopy
Olympus VivaView A vital complement to endpoint data analyses, this powerful live imaging system makes it possible to collect fluorescent and differential interference contrast (DIC) time-lapse images of live cells in stable environmental conditions. Stem Cell Research
Oxford Nanopore MinION The Oxford Nanopore MinION is a portable real-time sequencing device generating ultra-long reads from single DNA or RNA molecules without PCR amplification. Each MinION run generates 10-20 Gb of raw data with 75% of these reads passing quality control filters. Genomics
Particle Counter, Beckman-Coulter Z2 Chemical analysis, structure validation, structure determination, quantitave analysis, diffusion analysis Microbiology and Fermentation
Plate Reader Tecan Infinite M1000 PRO Multi-Well Plate Reader This is a "High Throughput" instrument that can make a variety of spectroscopic measurements on samples in 96-well (and similar) plates including absorbance, fluorescence (exitation, emission and polarization,measurements from top and bottom of plate), luminescence, alpha-screen and alpha-LISA. Analytical Biochemistry
Preparative Ultracentrifuges, High-Capacity "Superspeed" Centrifuges, and routine Centrifuges Harvesting of cells, separation of sub-cellular components. Centrifuges Eppendorf 5810R refrigerated, 2 Sorvall Evolution; Ultracentrifuges Preparative Ultracentrifuges, Beckman Optima LT bench top centrifuge (2 Beckman Optima LE 80K) with different types of rotors are available.  Microbiology and Fermentation
QIAcuity digital PCR QIAcuity digital PCR is a fully automated nanoplate-based system providing highly sensitive and absolute nucleic acid quantification of up to five channels per sample. Digital PCR is particularly useful for detecting targets of low-abundance or in complex backgrounds, allelic variants, and for monitoring subtle changes that cannot be accurately quantified by real-time PCR. Genomics
Roche LightCycler 480 RT-PCR Array validation, gene-knockdown studies, and SNP analysis Cell and Molecular Biology
Scanco Medical Viva CT40 X-ray CT imaging scanner is available for conducting a wide range of analyses involving animal tissues and materials. Bioimaging
  • Two New Brunswick Scientific Innova 44R, large size
  • One New Brunswick Scientific Innova 4230, refrigerated, medium size
  • Two New Brunswick Scientific Innova 4000, medium size
Microbiology and Fermentation
Small-Angle X-ray Scattering (SAXS) Bruker Nanostar-U Small Angle X-Ray Scattering System. This instrument is used to characterize materials in terms of internal dimensions that are roughly 50 to 500 times the size of a chemical bond (Ångstrom scale) by means of X-Ray scattering. Analytical Biochemistry
TECAN Freedom EVO 150 Liquid Handling Robot High through-put assay development, automated sample preparation. Nuclear Magnetic Resonance
Thermo Electron TSQ Quantum Ultra TSQ Quantum triple quadrupole system performs highly selective reaction monitoring (H-SRM) analyzes complex samples quickly and efficiently. It is ideal for determination of masses in complex mixtures and quantitative analyses. Proteomics
Thermo Scientific Cellomics ArrayScan XTI High-content screening (HCS) platform for automated, multi-parametric fluorescence and brightfield imaging of fixed or live cells in microplates, with quantitative analysis at single cell resolution. Image analysis can be performed in real time using nineteen different analytical “Bioapplications” algorithms. Applications include programs to study the cell cycle, cell motility, marker localization, membrane dynamics, neuronal differentiation, and protein translocation. Stem Cell Research
Thermo Scientific LTQ ORBITRAP XL The LTQ Orbitrap XL™ is ideal for high-resolution accurate mass measurements and structural characterization of individual compounds and complex mixtures with very high sensitivity. It provides a wide dynamic range, outstanding mass accuracy, and fast cycle times for MS/MS experiments. Proteomics
Thermo-Gravimetric Analyzer TA Instruments TGA-Q50. Measures weight changes in a material as a function of temperature (or time) under a controlled atmosphere. Temperatures: ambient to 1000 C. Analytical Biochemistry
Tissue Culture Facility A full-service cell culture shared resource Cell and Molecular Biology
Trio+ 35cm x 43cm GE Typhoon A 35cm x 43cm confocal flatbed scanner ideal for imaging fluorescently labeled blots, gels, multiwell trays, and even tissue sections. Cell and Molecular Biology
Ultrasonic Processor (Sonicator) Probe sonicator, uses high-frequency sound (ultrasound) to disrupt samples. Typically used to disrupt biological cells and release contents for further processing. Microbiology and Fermentation
UV-Visible Spectrophotometer, dual beam Hitachi U-2910 UV-Visible Spectrophotometer. Dual beam instrument. Wavelength range: 190 nm to 1100 nm. Programmable thermoelectric (Peltier) temperature controller. Analytical Biochemistry
Vista One-IR PiFM System The Vista One-Infra Red Photo induced Force Microscope (IR-PiFM) System from Molecular Vista enables nano measurements with very high resolution (~10nm) in the wavenumber range 760 - 1860 cm-1. Vista One makes nanoscale chemical maps and point spectra with more detail than FTIR or nano-FTIR. The instrument allows to create chemical absorption maps of nano-scale features in a matter of minutes, and understand material phase distributions or contaminants and defects using high-resolution nano-IR images. Microscopy
X-Ray Diffractometer (XRD) Bruker D8-Discover X-Ray Diffractometer. Used to characterize materials in terms of internal dimensions that are roughly the size of a chemical bond (Angstrom scale) by means of X-Ray diffraction. Powder XRD and wafer/thin film measurements. Analytical Biochemistry
X-Ray Film Developer Membership rates are per year per group and are subject to change without further notice. Cell and Molecular Biology
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