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High Pressure Liquid Chromatograph (HPLC)

Shimadzu Prominence Series HPLC

The Shimadzu HPLC is modular.

Main Technical Features

  • LC-10Ai Solvent Delivery Unit: Biocompatible dual piston HPLC pump with PEEK flow path.
  • DGU-20A Vacuum Degasser: Inline membrane degasser for rapid degassing of HPLC mobile phases.
  • PEEK Mixer
  • Photodiode Array Detector: Wavelength range 190-800 nm
  • PEEK flow cell: corrosion resistant. 
    1 cm pathlength.
  • Conductivity Detector: Used for detection of charged species.
  • Fraction collector: Analytical and preparative fraction collector with small and large volume capacity.
Rates & Fees: 

Rates are hourly and are subject to change without further notice.  
Valid through July 31, 2019.

  RPI Users External Nonprofit External Industry External Industry Partners
Standard $11 $18 $36 $32
Assisted $22 $36 $71 $64
Training $62 $100 $201 $181
Personnel Time $52 $84 $168 $152