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Scanco Medical Viva CT40

A high-speed in vivo micro CT scanner ideal for resolving dense tissues, including bone and contrast enhanced structures such as vasculature. It is equipped with a microfocus X-ray source capable of 5 μm spot size and 50-70 kVp, 8W (160 μA) and can
achieve 10 μm nominal resolution. It can cover a maximum scan length of 145 mm and has a field-of-view up to 20-38 mm. Samples can be up to 80 mm in diameter and up to 200 mm in length. The system includes software capable of data acquisition, online/offline reconstruction, 2D & 3D analysis and reconstruction, 3D visualization and animation, and archiving.

Rates & Fees: 

Rates are hourly and are subject to change without further notice.  
Valid through July 31, 2019.

  RPI Users Nonprofit External Industry External Industry Partners
Standard $59 $96 $191 $172
Assisted $78 $126 $253 $227
Training $62 $100 $201 $181
Personnel Time $52 $84 $168 $152