Understanding the advances taking place in optical microscopy provides us with tools to look into some of the fundamental building blocks in Biology. The super-resolution techniques provide us with the unique opportunity to expose worlds previously hidden to us.  Stimulated Emission Depletion microscopy (STED) allows the visualization of subcellular organization with extraordinary detail (at the nanometer scale).  The goal of this course is to provide the basic understanding of deriving important parameters from living specimens using super resolution microscopy techniques.  The attendees will learn the basics of what STED microscopy is and will have the opportunity to experience how to image specimens using the state-of-the-art Leica SP8 3D STED microscope. This course will also include major cell base imaging analysis.


  • Advances in super resolution microscopy
  • Imaging acquisition procedures and sample preparation requirements for STED
  • Image analysis and interpretation


Sergey Pryshchep, Ph.D.
Microscopy & Cellular Imaging Core Director

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