Center for Engineering and Precision Medicine (CEPM)

Recently, the two schools began work on establishing the Center on Engineering and Precision Medicine. This entity will be the first in the nation to create both research and education at the nexus of engineering and medicine. This center is predicated on the fact that engineering science is fundamental to understanding basic biomedical phenomena and associated therapeutic interventions. This center will have a dual focus on research and education, on articulating the interrelationships between biomedical research and engineering, and spanning from molecular to human dimensions.

The Joint Center will offer unique approaches to biomedical sciences and therapeutic interventions by bridging basic and translational research and education. It will offer Research that spans molecular to human dimensions;

  • A joint degree program focused initially on a Ph.D. degree and potentially expanding to include M.D.-Ph.D. (MSTP or other), M.D.-M.S., M.S., certificates, etc.
  • Knowledge and intellectual property development and transfer.
  • Fundamental and applied research in neurological disease, cancer immunotherapy, and regenerative and reparative medicine.
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