Courses in Core Areas of Alzheimer's Disease and AD-Related Dementias

Genetic Engineering
Drug and Gene Delivery
Glycochemistry, Glycobiology and Glycotechnology
Medicinal Chemistry
Drug Discovery
Biocatalysis: Fundamentals and Applications
Biochemical Engineering
Downstream Processing in Biomedical Engineering
Advanced Process Control
Lighting Design
Lighting Technologies and Applications
Human Factors in Lighting
Light and Health

Bioinformatics I
Bioinformatics II

Biological Imaging Analysis
Medical Imaging
Introduction to Mass Spectrometry
Organic Spectra Interpretation
Chemical Biology
Separation and Recovery Process

Methods in Biophysics
Protein Structure Determination
Molecular Biology I
Molecular Biology II
From Neuron to Behavior
Advanced Cell Biology
Sequence Analysis
Molecular Modeling
Advanced Molecular Biology

Bioorganic Mechanisms
Computational Chemistry
Biolmolecular Engieering

Data Mining
Data Science
Data Analytics
Biostatistics for Life Science
Mathematics in Medicine and Biology

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