Program Trainees

TraineeDepartmentAdvisorsResearchCurrent Position
Joshua ChuahBiomedical EngineeringJ. Hahn (BME), Co-adisor: J. Hurley (BS)Validation of artificial intelligence biomarker identification for age-related diseaseIn training
Carmalena CordiBiological SciencesJ. Hurley (BS), Co-adisor: D. Thompson (BME)Investigating the contribution of circadian disruption and Alzheimer's disease to the modulation of circadian immunoregulationIn training
Shannon FarisChemistry and Chemical BiologyC. Wang (BS), Co-advisor: R. Linhardt (CCB) Drug discovery targeting prion-like spread of tau pathology in Alzheimer's diseaseIn training
Diego Machado ReyesBiomedical EngineeringP. Yan (BME), Co-advisor: J. Hahn (CBE)Deep learning for imaging-genomics association of neurodegenerative diseasesIn training
Anqesha MurrayBiological SciencesC. Wang (BS), Co-advisor: J. Dordick (CBE)Structural basis and mechanism of cyclofilin A-tau interaction in Alzheimer's diseaseIn training
Ellinor TaiBiological SciencesS. Forth (BS), Co-advisor: W. Colón (CCB)Deciphering the role of Alzheimer's disease-related post-translational modifications in tau-mediated microtubule bundlingIn training
Sagan LeggettBiological SciencesJ. Dordick (CBE), Co-advisor: M. Figueiro (ISMMS)Light therapy to entrain gamma oscillations and the circadian system in patients with
Alzheimer’s disease and related dementias
In training
Derek NelsonBiomedical EngineeringR. Gilbert (BME), Co-advisor: H. Zha (CBE)Elastin-like polypeptide gel as a drug depot for delivery of a large Alzheimer’s disease therapeutic through a nasal mucosa modelIn training


Arch = Architecture; BS = Biological Sciences; BME = Biomedical Engineering; CBE = Chemical and Biological Engineering; CCB = Chemistry and Chemical Biology; ECSE = Electrical, Computer and Systems Engineering; ISMMS =  Icahn School of Medicine at Mount Sinai; NIH = National Institutes of Health

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