Frontiers in Alzheimer's Research Seminar Series

This high-profile seminar series, run by the Trainees and Faculty Trainers, provides immersive and interdisciplinary exposure to contemporary research in Alzheimer's disease.

Speaker(s) Affiliation Lecture(s) Date
Ana Pereira Icahn School of Medicine at Mount Sinai Selective Cellular and Molecular Vulnerability to Age-Related Cognitive Decline and Alzheimer's disease 7/20/2021
Vijay Yechoor University of Pittsburgh Time to Adapt or Die- Circadian Clock Regulation of Cellular Adaptive Stress Response 9/4/2019
Joshua Gamsby University of South Florida Untangling the Connection Between Circadian Rhythm Dysfunction and Alzheimer's Disease 4/15/2019
Ai-Ling Lin University of Kentucky Multi-modal MRI to Assess Alzheimer's disease Prevention in an APOE4 Mouse Model 10/24/2018
Jeremy Schmit Kansas State University Amyloid Aggregation from Nanoseconds to Decades 10/17/2018
Damien Hall Australian National University Physical Biochemistry and Amyloidosis Disease 8/2/2018
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