Alumnus Profile: Brian Pereira

Brian Pereira

Brian Pereira, Ph.D.
Scientist II
CRISPR Therapeutics
Cambridge, MA

Brian Pereira received his Ph.D. in Chemical and Biological Engineering from Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute. Dr. Pereira is an accomplished professional with seven years of experience in molecular biology, fermentation technology, and metabolic engineering and additional six years of experience in protein engineering and molecular modeling. He cofounded a start-up biotechnology company based on postdoctoral research and correspondingly composed, applied for, and received an NSF-SBIR grant.

What sets the RPI experience apart from that of other institutions?

Dr. Pereira: When I first started, RPI was ahead of the curve with respect to laptops, wi-fi, computer labs, and digital learning. I also found the content (classes during my undergraduate years and projects during graduate school) to be good and interesting.

Why did you choose RPI?

Dr. Pereira: Well, I chose RPI as an undergrad because of its ranking and because I received better financial aid than I did from other schools. I eventually pursued my Ph.D. because Professor Belfort reached out and encouraged me.

What about the Training Program was especially meaningful while you attended?

Dr. Pereira: Working with multiple departments, as well as with the Wadsworth Institute, exposed me to a lot of different things in my graduate school project. That was meaningful to me.

How did the Training Program enhance your subsequent career?

Dr. Pereira: Networking. My advisors, classmates, and RPI alum in general have been helpful in making connections and giving advice.

Do you have any fond extracurricular memories from your time in the Training Program?

Dr. Pereira: Of course, I had a lot of fun times with my friends there. We enjoyed participating in (and winning) SAE’s 24-hour soccer tournament and enjoyed the outing club’s annual camping trip to Lake George in the fall.

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