Courses in Core Areas of Biomolecular Science and Engineering

1. Synthetic Biology and Biomanufacturing*

BIOL 6420

Molecular Modeling

BIOL 4310

Industrial Microbiology

BMED 6500


BIOL 4320

Microbiology Laboratory

BMED 6550

Cell Biomechanics

BIOL 4350


CHEM 4310

Bioorganic Mechanisms

BIOL 6260

Advanced Cell Biology

CHEM 4760

Molecular Biochemistry I

BIOL 6310


CHEM 4770

Molecular Biochemistry II

BIOL 6650

The Biology of Systems

CHEM 6160

NMR Spectroscopy

BIOL 6680

Applied and Environmental Microbiology

CHEM 6300

Medicinal Chemistry

BIOL 6961

Cancer Biology

CHEM 6520

Advanced Analytical Chemistry

BIOL 6962

Biology of Gut Microbiota

3. Computational Biology and Biocomplexity

BMED 6410


BCBP 4310

Genetic Engineering

BMED 6450

Drug and Gene Delivery

BCBP 6640


BMED 6650

Cell and Tissue Engineering

BIOL 4540

Bioinformatics I

BMED 6710

Natural Polymers and Biomaterials

BIOL 4550

Bioinformatics II

CHEM 6330

Drug Discovery

BIOL 6680

Molecular Biology I

CHEM 6750


BIOL 6690

Molecular Biology II

CHEM 6961


CHEM 6410

Introduction to Mass Spectrometry

CHEM 6710

Chemical Biology

CHEM 6510

Computational Chemistry and Molecular Modeling

CHME 6410

Advanced Membrane Concepts

4. Data Science/Data Analytics

CHME 6440

Chromatographic Separation Processes

BMED 6480

Biomedical Data Science

CHME 6960

Biomolecular Engineering

CSCI 6390

Data Mining

CHME 6964

Bioprocess Design

ITWS 6350

Data Science

CHME 6965

Metabolic Engineering

ITWS 6961


CHME 6967

Synthetic Biology

ITWS 6965

Data Analytics

2.  Regenerative Engineering and Biotherapeutics

MATH 4720

Mathematics in Medicine and Biology

BCBP 4800

Methods in Biophysics

5. Entrepreneurship and Commercial Translation

BCBP 6870

Protein Structure Determination

BMED 6961

Translating Biotechnology

BIOL 4020

Stem Cell Laboratory

MGMT 6590

Commercializing Advanced Technologies

BIOL 4250

Developmental Biology

MGMT 6630

Starting Up a New Venture

*synthetic biology section covers courses at intersection of synthetic biology and biomanufacturing and regenerative medicine and biotherapeutics including courses in bioseparations, biocatalysis and biomaterials.

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