Program Trainees

Geographic Representation

As of June 2021, the Biomolecular Science and Engineering Training Program has recruited Trainees from 14 states and U.S. territories.





Current Position
Sharleen BuelBiological SciencesJ. Hurley (BS), Co-advisor: J. Dordick (CBE)Investigating the role of circadian rhythms in the macrophage response to SARS-COV and SARS-COV2In training
Misty ZaczykBiological SciencesJ. Hurley (BS), Co-advisor: G. Montelione (CCB)Determining the Mechanistic Effect of the Circadian Clock on the Disordered N-Terminal Region of Frequency-Interacting RNA Helicase (FRH)In training
Noah AllenBiomedical EngineeringE. Blaber (BME), Co-advisor: J. Hurley (BS)The role of aging related decline in progression of non-alcoholic fatty liver diseaseIn training
Christian Franquiz SantosChemistry and Chemical BiologyW. Colón (CCB), Co-advisor: C. Bystroff (BS)The role of kinetically stable proteins in fruit allergiesIn training
Kavita RamnathChemistry and Chemical BiologyR. Gross (CCB), Co-advisor: C. Bystroff (BS)Enzymatic recyclingIn training
Rebecca Green-CramerChemistry and Chemical BiologyG. Montelione (CCB), Co-advisor: C. Royer (BS)CoV-2M molecule inhibitorsIn training
Sabrina KosnikBiomedical EngineeringD. Vashishth (BME), Co-advisor: B. Barquera (BS)Biomolecular basis for interactions between bone, and gut microbiome: Implications for the role of Type 2 Diabetes and bone health in Alzheimer's diseaseIn training
Emmanuel AmoakoBiological SciencesJ. Hurley (BS), Co-advisor: S. Cramer (CBE)Mechanistic Effects of Conserved Protein Charge “Blocks”on Circadian RegulationIn training
Adelle HamiltonBiomedical EngineeringR. Byan Gilbert (BME), Co-advisor: S. Gilbert (BS)The effects of varying fingolimod release kinetics from electrospun ribers on schwanna cell phenotypeIn training
Dongyoun JangChemical and Biological EngineeringS. Cramer (CBE), Co-advisor: D. Thompson (BME)In-silico mediated rapid process development of an orthoganally selective downstream polishing sequence for the purificiation of monoclonal antibodies and Fc-fusion proteins from product-related impuritiesIn training
Matthew MergyChemical and Biological EngineeringS. Cramer (CBE), Co-advisor: G. Makhatadze (BS)Continuous precipitation for the caputre of therapeutic monoclonal antibodies    In training
Payton O'ConnorBiomedical EngineeringR. Byan Gilbert (BME), Co-advisor: S. Gilbert (BS)Dextran-Derived Coaxial Electrospun Fibers for Bulk Delivery of NeuroD1 in Ischemic StrokeIn training
Dylan MahBiological SciencesC. Wang (BS), Co-advisor: B. Linhardt (CCB)Structural mechanism and drug discovery for Sulfotransferase HS3ST2 in Alzheimer's diseaseIn training
Tyree WilliamsBiomedical EngineeringD. Thompson (BME), Co-advisor: J. Dordick (CBE)Modeling NF2 tumors for drug screening using induced pluripotent stem cellsIn training
Shuangzhe LinBiomedical EngineeringD. Vashishth (BME), Co-advisor: J. Dordick (CBE)Validating a post-transcriptional mechanism for circadian regulation via frequency-interacting RNAHelicaseIn training

BS = Biological Sciences; BME = Biomedical Engineering; CBE = Chemical and Biological Engineering; CCB = Chemistry and Chemical Biology; CS = Computer Science

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