Frontiers in Biotechnology: Seminar Series

This high profile seminar series is run by Trainees and Faculty Trainers. It provides immersive and interdisciplinary exposure to contemporary research in biotechnology with an emphasis on biomolecular science and engineering.

Speaker(s) Affiliation Lecture(s) Date
Andrew Berglund University at Albany

(Genomics, Vaccine and Antibody Treatment in the era of COVID-19)

Deep Sequencing Reveals the Mutational Landscape of SARS-CoV-2 in Upstate NY

Daniel G. Anderson  Massachusetts Institute of Technology

(Genomics, Vaccine and Antibody Treatment in the era of COVID-19)

In vivo Delivery of Nucleic Acids, Genome Editing Tools and Cells

Kathy High
Abby Kinchy
Brenda Miller
Dan Walls
RPI Lead Poisoning and Environmental Justice 9/9/2020
Kang Zhou National University of Singapore New Bioinformatics and Molecular Biology Tools for Metabolic Engineering 11/8/2019
Andre van Wijnen Mayo Clinic Molecular Mechanisms and Engineering for Musculoskeletal Degeneration and Regeneration 9/5/2019
Fred Chung Xylonix Completing the Immunotherapy Revolution with Universal Cancer Cure Using "Oncology Parthanatos" and the Prediction Technology for Patient Response to T-cell Immunotherapy 8/2/2019
Jennifer (Jen) Westendorf Mayo Clinic Phlpp phosphatases: Novel Targets for Osteoarthritis Therapy 3/26/2019
Danielle Benoit University of Rochester Medical Center Tissue Engineering and Drug Delivery Approaches for Bone Regeneration 3/4/2019
Gaetano Montelione Rutgers, The State University of New Jersey Proteins Flex to Function: The Role of Conformational Plasticity in Molecular Recognition 10/11/2018
Hani Awad University of Rochester Translational Approaches Towards Improving Regenerative Medicine 6/18/2018
Gina O'Connor Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute From the Lab to the Market: Large Mature Companies and the Challenges of Commercializing Breakthroughs 5/2/2018
Anil Bhansali Postgraduate Institute of Medical Education and Research (PGIMER) Type 2 Diabetes and its Management 3/27/2018
Sam Walcott University of California, Davis Using molecular mechanics to predict large-scale biological function: applications to muscle activation and intracellular transport 3/21/2018
David Mooney Harvard University Viscoelasticity: From Stem Cells to Medical Adhesives 1/17/2018
Marvin Bentley, Sally Temple, Gary Banker Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute; Neural Stem Cell Institute; Oregon Health and Science University (respectively) The Cell Biology of the Neuron (Symposium) 10/6/2017
Karl Deisseroth Stanford University Integrated Brainwide-Structural and Functional Analysis 9/8/2017
Mina Bissell

Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory

Why Don’t We Get More Cancer: The tales of ECM and p53 signaling 4/13/2017
Michael Feig Michigan State University Adventures with Computer Simulations of Biomolecules in Cellular Environment 3/30/2017
Marlene Belfort University at Albany (SUNY) Psyching Out the Reviewers 2/8/2017
Carrie Mason, Carl Lawton, Jorg Thommes, Steve Cramer Lonza Biologics; UMass Lowell; Visterra, Inc.; Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute (respectively) “Critical Aspects in Biomanufacturing” (Forum in Biomanufacturing) 1/25/2017
Alan Russell Disruptive Health Technology Institute-Carnegie Mellon University Polymer-Enhanced Biomacromolecular Systems 11/30/2016
Eben Alsberg Case Western Reserve University Instructive Systems for Engineering Complex Tissues 9/29/2016
Kaushal Rege Arizona State University Molecular and Nanoscale Technologies for Tissue Engineering and Repair 9/15/2016
Dan Gruskin, Wythe Marschall, Kathy High, Deepak Vashishth Genspace, NY; Harvard University; Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute (respectively) BioDesigning the Future of Medicine 11/3/2015
Doug Bartlett University of California at San Diego Microbial Life in Ultra-Deep Ocean Habitats of the Piezosphere 10/14/2015
Min-Gon Kim Gwangju Institute of Science and Technology (GIST) Patterning and Design of Membranes for Smart Biosensing 9/17/2015
Shaomin Li Brigham and Women's Hospital Soluble Aβ Oligomers Impair Hippocampal LTP by Disrupting Glutamatergic/GABAergic Balance 8/26/2015
Song Li University of California, Berkeley Regeneration of Blood Vessels in situ and in vivo 6/10/2015
Sean Palecek University of Wisconsin, Madison Bioinspired Engineering of Human Pluripotent Stem Cell Fate Choices 6/9/2015
N.L. Shasha Jumbe Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation Global Health in Numbers 2/4/2015
Steven Feiner, Dawn Bardot, Paul Bleicher, S. Ebadollahi, M. Honeck

Columbia University; Medical Device Consortium; Optum Labs; IBM; Disney Corp. (respectively)

Models, Big Data and Healthcare (Symposium) 11/5/2014
Robert Filkins GE Global Research Digital and Molecular Imaging in Precision Medicine 10/28/2014
Scott Friedman Icahn School of Medicine at Mount Sinai The Borderless World of Engineering, Biomedicine and Healthcare 9/10/2014
David Mendelson, Kusum Mathews, William L. Holden, Joseph L. Kannry Icahn School of Medicine at Mount Sinai Big Data and Healthcare Analytics (Symposium) 9/4/2014
James Fitzpatrick School of Medicine and Medical Sciences, University College Dublin Towards the yeast of Eden: Metabolic Engineering of Saccharomyces cerevisiae for the Hydrolysis and Fermentation of Cellulosic Substrates 8/21/2014
Gyoo Yeol Jung POSTECH Korea Novel Synthetic Biology tools for rational and evolutionary metabolic engineering 8/6/2014
Dmitri Ermolendo University of Rochester Mechanics of Ribosomal Translocation 3/31/2014
Herb Levine Rice University The Physics of Cancer 3/6/2014
Martin Chalfie Columbia University Lighting Up Life 2/20/2014
Ned Seeman New York University DNA Not Just the Molecule of Life 2/12/2014
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